Your RAF Families Federation - Your Voice

Acting as a barometer for Royal Air Force Personnel, including singles and Reservists.

Telling it like it is, and representing ordinary views and providing a voice for RAF serving personnel and the family members we represent. If you are single or a Reservist, you are considered part of the RAF Family and we are here for you and your families too.

For when you need it most - The Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is there to make sure you, as military personnel or your families receive a fair deal, levelling the playing field to that of civilian life. Veterans are also supported by the Covenant and it will be there to support you when your serving days end, for whatever reason.

If you experience any of the issues below, or similar - please contact us:

  • Struggle with access to financial services - perhaps a mobile phone contract, bank loan or mortgage - because of your military service
  • Fair access to NHS services after being posted to the other side of the country
  • Timely access to a school place for your son/daughter
  • Access to civilian employment for spouses and partners.

Why YOU should contact the Federation

The RAF Families Federation is funded by the RAF but sits outside the Chain of Command as an independent organisation. We represent all Royal Air Force personnel, be you Regular, Reserve, single, married or in a partnership, together with your families. We provide a voice for the issues and concerns you have about life in the RAF. We also have direct access to senior RAF and MOD staffs as well as Government Ministers.

To do all this, we need to hear from you on issues such as quality of life, accommodation, health, education, pay and allowances. Everyone's views and concerns are important to us.

Key things to remember:

  • We work with the RAF/MOD and not against them
  • We don't undermine the chain of command; we work with them but we dig them in the ribs on your behalf when necessary
  • We will signpost you to the 'best' experts to help you if required
  • We always maintain your anonymity and respect your privacy
  • We always maintain a fair and balanced approach.

Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday between 10 am and 3 pm. Voicemails and emails are responded to as a priority, during the next working day.


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