Maintaining your SFA

What is Expected of You

You can find all the information you might need about the maintenance of your SFA in the UK Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) pages.

Reporting a Fault

If you need to report a fault in your Service Family Accomodation (SFA) contact CarillionAmey Occupancy Services Team. You can call them on Freephone: 0800 707 6000 Select Option 3 (for calls made within the UK, mobile users may incur charges) or using the alternative telephone number: 0151 728 1630

Or you can email the team:

Following feedback from customers who were unsure which options to choose when calling with an issue CarillionAmey have created this infographic. Click here for pdf

The CarillionAmey Yellow and Red Card System

This system only applies on statutory pre planned maintenance i.e. gas inspections and electrical checks.

What happens if I am out when an Engineer calls?

If you do not respond, the engineer will drop a yellow card through your letterbox asking you to contact CarillionAmey in order that a second appointment can be made. If you do not contact CarillionAmey, they will write to you with a second appointment date to carry out the repair.

Note: A yellow card

signifies a first missed appointment by the occupant for a gas safety inspection or electrical check. If an occupant receives a yellow missed appointment card, they should contact CarillionAmey within 24 hours of receipt to make an alternative appointment. If the occupant does not make contact with CarillionAmey, they will write to the occupant with a second appointment date.

If you do not respond to the second visit, a red card will be posted through your letterbox by the Engineer and your details passed to DIO.

Note: A red card

signifies a second missed appointment by the occupant for a gas safety inspectionor electrial check. If an occupant misses a second appointment, CarillionAmey will refer the matter to DIO Service Delivery Accommodation who will work with the military authorities to gain access.

It is also likely that CarillionAmey will not carry out any routine repairs on your quarter until the necessary safety checks have been carried out.


Translation Line available at the CarillionAmey Help Desk

Service families should be aware that the CarillionAmey Help Desk offers a translation line for occupants who do not have English as their first language. 

How it works?

If an Occupant wishes to report a repair, check the status of a repair or raise a complaint, the Occupant needs to simply telephone the Help Desk and state their nationality or country of origin twice.  For instance, if the occupant is Nepalese, they just need to say 'Guerkali, Guerkali' or if they are Spanish, they just need to say 'Espania, Espania', etc.

The Help Desk Agent will then put the Customer on hold whilst they contact a translator and a three-way conversation will then commence. 


We welcome your feedback on CarillionAmey, it helps us to ensure that we can provide you with an effective Defence housing service. We measure our customer satisfaction and service levels in order to continue to improve our service.

Please contact us on 0800 707 6000 or walk into your local customer service centre to let us know if we have done a good job, or advise us if you are unhappy with any aspect of our service.

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