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The Housing Allocation Service Centre (HASC) phone number is 0800 169 6322

Modern Housing Solutions (MHS) phone number is 0800 707 6000

Prime Contractor in Scotland 0800 0328 6337 



Are you new to Service Family Accommodation (SFA) (what used to be called married quarters or Single Living Accommodation (SLA) (the barrack block)? Do you want to know if you are entitled to SFA and if so, what type of property you will be given? Are you, and your family, on the move to a new posting and need to know what types of SFA/SLA are available and how you can arrange your move of home? Are you having problems with your current SFA/SLA and need to know who’s responsible for the repairs? Heard of the HASCs or MHS and not sure who they are? Want to make a complaint about the level of service you have received? Then click on one of the topic headings to the left for more information and advice.


Home Front Customer Newsletter

Home Front is the online customer newsletter produced by DIO Ops Accommodation, and is used to share useful information; make announcements; and offer tips for looking after your home and avoiding problems.  The latest edition is now available on the SFA Website.


Housing Policy for Serving Personnel

If you want to know more about the formal MoD Housing Policy for Serving Personnel, please go to Joint Service Publication (JSP) 464 on the DIO pages.

You may also be interested to know that in Sep 09 Defence Estates published their Defence Accommodation Managment Strategy for the next ten years. It is quite a bulky document but contains some interesting sections. The full document is here.


A Guide to Service Family Accommodation

Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) have published many useful booklets on the subject of Service Family Accommodation  The link to the guides is here


Information given in the Welcome Pack is here


Single Living Accommodaton

For the rules and regs on SLA and the associated application forms, including SSLA Click here

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