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Your RAF Families Federation - Your Voice

The RAF Families Federation provides all RAF personnel and their families - Regular and Reserve, single or married - with timely and professional support, assistance and an independent voice regarding issues or concerns that they may have.

We capture evidence on specific issues through our regular surveys, from our ‘face-to-face’ visits to stations and units, and from individuals who approach us themselves.  

The important information that you give us is treated anonymously and shared with the RAF Senior Leadership Team, senior MOD staff, other government departments and often with government ministers too.

We also provide a confidential signposting service for specific information, support and help.

We work hard with a multitude of other organisations and agencies – from the NHS to the big banks - to ensure that you and your family are treated fairly and that you do not face disadvantage because of the unique nature of service life.

We are funded by the RAF but are not part of the Service and are independent of the chain of command. We have our own quarterly magazine, ‘Envoy’, a weekly online eBULLETIN and various social media forums and groups that you can register with for free.

Remember, silence can often be seen as satisfaction. Help us to help you influence change for your Service and your Future.



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