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Thursday 1st July 2021

The MOD wants to know how you think your dining experience across the Armed Forces can be improved by inviting you to complete a short anonymous survey* through the 3DQ – Delivering Defence Dining Quality Review.

The survey should take you between 15 and 20 minutes to complete focusing on the Service provided catering at your unit. Your input will form part of a review investigating the ‘lived experience’ of the Defence Catering and Dining Policy, including but not limited to Pay As You Dine (PAYD). The survey will also ask questions to explore your views about potential changes to the current provision.

Maria Lyle, Director of the RAF FF said:

“Some of you may still be working from home due to COVID restrictions, however this survey is really important to inform a review of food provision, and making a difference to dining for the future. We know from focus groups with RAF personnel – and the feedback in AFCAS –  that many of you aren’t happy with the status quo, so we need you to speak up. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey to provide your own thoughts, opinions and experiences towards catering as a whole. Without them, changes cannot be made.”

Either scan the QR code below or click on the poster to take you directly to the survey:

MOD poster and QR code in bottom right corner to access the 3DQ Delivering Defence Dining Quality Review survey.
  • *You will not be identified in the survey, and your responses will be anonymous
  • The survey is compliant with the information governance policies of the MOD and the Data Protection Act
  • This 3DQ Review is being undertaken by MOD personnel on behalf of the Military People Leadership Team

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