Armed Forces Covenant

What is the Armed Forces Covenant? The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that ensures those who serve, or who have served, in the Armed Forces and their families are treated fairly and not disadvantaged by military service. It helps the Armed Forces Community to achieve basic rights; having a home, starting a new career, educating and looking after children, getting a fair deal, having access to healthcare and accessing financial support they are entitled to. What does disadvantage look like? Difficulty accessing financial services due to military service, i.e. a loan or mortgage Problems accessing NHS services More information

11th June 2020|

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust want to hear from you

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (The Trust) has launched a summer consultation and they want to hear from you. The Trust wants to ensure the funding they provide reaches those who need it most and makes a positive impact on the challenges currently affecting the Armed Forces community. From 2024, the way the Trust distributes Covenant Fund monies will change and they want your help to plan the best use of this funding over the next three years. While the four key themes of the Covenant Fund will remain the same, how the money is distributed can be tailored More information

12th June 2023|
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