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Friday 9th December 2022

Prior to accessing removals services on assignment, Service Personnel are advised note the following:

  • Removals services provided under the Global Removals Management Services (GRMS) contract are delivered in accordance with the entitlement and eligibility criteria prescribed within JSP 752, Chapter 12, Section 4
  • Service Personnel are advised that queries relating to entitlements should be directed towards Unit HR and, if necessary, up through the Service Chain of Command for resolution
  • Contractor staff will support discussions with SP regarding the technical elements of their move once it is booked, they are not authorised to provide advice and guidance in respect of entitlements
  • Service Personnel are strongly encouraged to obtain comprehensive and appropriate insurance to support the movement of their consignment of personal effects under GRMS, whilst suppliers hold insurance it is usually to the minimum level required by the industry and may not be adequate to cover individual requirements. Disturbance Expense includes an element to assist with the cost of insuring personal effects in transit
  • Having received an assignment order and taken the two steps above, Service Personnel are to book their removals through the following web portal Agility GRMS, taking care to follow the guidance provided through the process. On receipt of a validated requirement, the appointed contractor will make contact with Service Personnel to discuss the move in more detail, including the arranging of a pre-move survey where appropriate

Overseas assignment 

Service Personnel who place a consignment of personal effects in to UK storage at the start of their assignment overseas are requested to ensure the contractor is kept informed of any changes to tourex dates provided on the original storage application. This will enable the maintaining of accurate data, assisting in forecasting of future moves and provision of Management Information. If you need to amend your tourex date, please do so by e-mailing [email protected]

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure transit time delays to consignments are kept to a minimum, there are current global supply chain challenges outwith the control of Team Leidos and its suppliers, where delays to a consignment are anticipated, the Service Person will be contacted and kept informed

Complaints procedure 

The accurate capturing and recording of complaints is required and forms an area under contract against which the performance of suppliers is measured, if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received you are required to submit a formal complaint to Agility in the first instance. Your observations will be acknowledged, recorded and investigated by Agility and a response provided to you, if you remain dissatisfied at this point, Agility will guide you in how to escalate further

Further information and links to forms and web portals can be found within the SCIP Knowledge Base, available via the following link:


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