Accommodation contractors caller ids

Thursday 11th July 2024

Service accommodation contractors are moving away from withheld numbers for outbound calls. This means personnel and families can now easily tell when a contractor is calling. 

RAF Service personnel and their families now have the opportunity to see when an accommodation contractor is calling/has called. By saving the outbound telephone numbers you can easily see if you have a call/ missed call from them.

Save these numbers to your phone

It is recommended you save these numbers to your Contact List and when a call is received the name will display:

  • Amey – 0161 779 5209
  • VIVO –  02382 206 552
  • Pinnacle –  0161 605 3578

Can I return the contractors call?

Families will not be able to dial back to any of these numbers should they show as a missed call.

How do I call back if a call is missed?

Pinnacle have a free phone number – 0800 031 8628 – which is the single point of contact for when a family needs to make contact about repairs, appointments or complaints.

Updated: 11/07/2024


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