What is the Modernised Accommodation Offer?

The Modernised Accommodation Offer, formerly the New Accommodation Offer, reflects the needs of Service personnel, their families and partners in their mobile lifestyle. It modernises the the Defence housing policy, widening the benefits at home and, in time, overseas.

The planned changes are intended to modernise accommodation entitlements, improve the standard of Single Living Accommodation, update the overseas accommodation offer and, overall, give Service personnel more of a say in how they live.

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Widened Accommodation Entitlement

Under the Modernised Accommodation Offer the Widening of Accommodation Entitlement at limited locations (WAE(LL)) is available from 31 Oct 23.

The following sites are part of WAE(LL):

  • RAF Shawbury
  • RAF Cosford
  • RNAS Yeovilton
  • RMB Norton Manor
  • Leuchars Station
  • JHC FS Aldergrove
  • Palace Barracks Holywood
  • Thiepval Barracks Lisburn
Widened Accommodation Entitlement in Limited Locations poster
  • What is the Widening of Accommodation Entitlement at limited locations?

    Under the Widening of Accommodation Entitlement at limited locations (WAE(LL)), Service personnel who are in an established long-term relationship assigned to select locations after 31 October 23 will be entitled to Service Family Accommodation under current policy in the same way as those who are married or in civil partnerships.

    This is a first step in delivering the commitment made in the Defence Accommodation Strategy (October 2022) to allocate accommodation to personnel in long-term relationships on the same basis as those who are married.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for the widened entitlement policy you must:

    • Receive an assignment order to one of the eight sites with a report for duty date on or after 31 October 23;


    • Be in a relationship defined as an established long-term relationship. In line with current policy, SP will need to register their relationship status on JPA and have it verified by Unit HR.
    • The evidence requirements and registration process for an Established Long-Term Relationship are defined at Paragraphs 0116 and 0117 in JSP 464, Vol.1 Part 1.
  • How do I apply for the widened entitlement policy?

    From 20 September 23, any eligible E1132 forms submitted will be treated under the widened entitlement (WAE(LL)) policy.

    If Service Family Accommodation is unavailable, Substitute Service Family Accommodation in line with your entitlement will be sourced for you from the private rental sector.

  • What if I’m already at one of the sites or my report for duty is before 31 October 23?

    If you are in an established long-term relationship and assigned to one of the eight sites prior to 31 October 2023 you will not be entitled to Service Family Accommodation. You may still apply for surplus Service Family Accommodation as per JSP 464 Vol.1 Part 1 Section V.

    If you are in an established long-term relationship already living in surplus Service Family Accommodation at any of the sites, you will not be required to move out of your Service Family Accommodation to accommodate Service personnel arriving on assignment.

  • If I’m covered by the widened accommodation entitlement policy, will I be entitled to anything else as well?

    There is no entitlement or eligibility for any other supporting payments or allowances conferred by entitlement to Service Family Accommodation.

  • Who can I contact about WAE(LL)?

    Queries: [email protected]

    Complaints: [email protected]

Further information

Visit the Defence Accommodation policy pages (GOV.UK)

View the Modernised Accommodation Offer FAQs pages.

Who to contact

The Accommodation Support Cell is a team of dedicated Civil Servants specialising in answering questions on how the Modern Accommodation Offer applies to you. Contact them via email Monday to Friday: [email protected]