Single Living Accommodation (SLA) is provided for single Service personnel (PStatCat 3, 4 and 5) or unaccompanied Service personnel (PStatCat 1 and 2). It is often provided by means of a Mess or accommodation block, or in the form of substitute accommodation. 

Applying for SLA

When you are notified you will be assigned to a new duty station, it is your responsibility to make contact and notify them of when you will require accommodation – this can be done by telephone, email, letter or online application.

There is not a defined process for the allocation of SLA, however most Units will send a welcome pack informing you of the local application process.

For full eligibility criteria, how to apply and guidelines for the occupation of SLA please refer to JSP 464 Volume 2 

Living in SLA

When living in Single Living Accommodation problems can arise. Here we share what you can do in the event of:

Temporary Downgrades

Units may apply to HQ AIR for authority to temporarily downgrade SLA where there is a significant deficiency or reduction in amenities, including a permanent or intermittent failure of utilities covered by the accommodation charge (namely gas, electricity, heating, oil, water and sewerage), which lasts for more than 5 days.

Your OC SSS/OC Wks will need to complete the downgrade form held on the RAF Community Support SharePoint site (internal users only).

Damage to Property in SLA

If your property has been damaged in SLA, you may be able to claim for compensation towards its repair, by completing form JPAF014(.docx).

Improvements to standards in SLA

Under the Modernised Accommodation offer, new standards in Single Living Accommodation will be introduced. The minimum standard for Single Living Accommodation has been agreed and the entire Single Living Accommodation estate is currently being assessed to understand where rooms are currently failing to meet it.

Defence Minimum Standard Update

The Defence Minimum Standard (DMS) for Single Living Accommodation (SLA) was launched as part of the Defence Accommodation Strategy (DAS) in 2022. This aims to introduce a minimum standard for SLA raising the baseline quality across the entire Defence estate, which must offer individuals private, quiet, secure, dry, appropriately ventilated and heated space with access to hot water.

Setting out a clear vision to improve accommodation for those serving in the Armed Forces, the strategy promotes the fair allocation of accommodation and ensure better value for money whilst promoting environmental sustainability.

We expect the majority of accommodation to surpass the DMS basic criteria.

However, there are some challenges  – the DMS is a relatively new standard, the cost of meeting it may be considerable in certain areas, especially the older parts of the estate as we’ll have to adapt to certain building regulations for historical buildings. This is not a barrier, but an acceptance that it will take more time.

Despite these challenges, the DMS is a valuable standard that will work to improve the quality of life for all Service personnel.

For more information please see the Defence Accommodation Strategy, further information will be published in JSP 464 Vol 2 at the end of April 2024.

Visit Defence Minimum Standard Update ( to read the full Update