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Wednesday 14th April 2021

Now that the outcome of the McCloud pension decision has been reached, in line with the recommendations of the Forces Pension Society and others, we need to ensure that it is implemented in the best possible way for all those affected by it.

You will recall that the chosen remedy for the age discrimination issue is “Deferred Choice Underpin”, meaning that when benefits become payable, all those impacted (all personnel in service both on or before 31st March 2012 and on or after 1st April 2015, including service leavers) will be able to choose between the benefits of their legacy scheme (AFPS 75 or 05) or the reformed scheme (AFPS 15) for the period of their service between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2022.

McCloud pension decision success criteria

We have made a presentation to the MoD setting out three key criteria against which we will judge the success of the implementation of the remedy. And I want to share those criteria with you as follows:

  1. Everyone affected will be given sufficient time and information to make a fully informed decision.
  2. For serving personnel, timely and appropriate enhancements to the AFPS calculator will be made to help individuals forecast their likely benefits.
  3. Those with complicating factors, including Pension Sharing Orders, Medical Discharge, Abatement, Death in Service or in Retirement, AVCs/Added Pension and Pension Taxation (Annual Allowance, Lifetime Allowance), should have access to further information and guidance from the Pension Administrator, Veterans’ UK.

This initiative is in line with the Society’s practice of holding governments to account on behalf of our Members and the wider Armed Forces Community.

As always, the Society will be on hand to guide Members through the decision-making process when the time comes. In the meantime find out more about the work of the Forces Pension Society on their website.

Maj Gen Neil Marshall, CEO, Forces Pension Society

Maj Gen Neil Marshall, CEO, Forces Pension Society

Further information about the McCloud Case

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