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Monday 27th March 2023

Information from Agility, DIO and Pinnacle to help ensure family needs are met during the busy summer season:

Summer is always the busiest period of the year for housing allocations and removals activity. The last week in July and first week in August are particularly popular dates and are usually fully booked several months in advance.

Whilst suppliers will always try to meet families preferred Move-in, Move-out and removals dates, it may not always be possible to achieve this with the significant volume of requests received. To ensure family’s needs are met at this busy time you are urged to:

  • Only request services during this period if you are unable to move at any other time.
  • Where possible, please could accompanied personnel without children avoid planning for a move within the school summer holiday window;
  • Please register your removals requirement as soon as you receive your Assignment Order via the Agility portal
    You do not need a confirmed delivery address to start this process, but knowing the location will enable Agility to commence broader resource planning activity for the summer moves.
  • Once allocated SFA, please confirm availability for removals before booking your move in and out appointments.

Transit time guidance

The following transit times should be used as a guide for all domestic mainland UK house moves, guideline transit times for international moves can be found within JSP 800, Vol 2, Pt 5, Ch 5

Distance up to 200 miles:

Volume up to 50m³ – 2 days
Volume over 50m³ – 3 days

Distance over 200 miles:

Volume up to 50m³ – 3 days
Volume over 50m³ – 4 days

All Transit times will be confirmed by the removals supplier on completion of the pre-move survey.

For planning purposes a 1-2 bedroom house will normally be less than 50m³, 3 – 4 bedroom house may be more than 50m³.

If you have any questions or concerns then please contact Agility GRMS through their web portal: Agility GRMS

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