Thursday 5th May 2022

Armed Forces Education Trust: Individual and Collective Grants

The Armed Forces Education Trust (AFET) is a charity working for children and young adults whose education has been compromised or put at risk as a result of parents’ past or current service in our Armed Forces. The grants they give make a difference to young lives, helping improve their educational opportunities or supporting special skills or talents.

In the last five years, the AFET have given individual grants of over £1.1 million to support Service children and young people. They have paid for specialist support for children with special educational needs where frequent moves has hampered the provision of this support and have given continuity to Service children to enable them to complete their GCSEs or A-Levels at their current school when their parent(s) left the Armed Services and Continued Education Allowance stopped. 

Over the last 2 years, the AFET have given collective grants of over £300,000 to 10 schools / education providers, reaching over 500 Service children. 

AFET family flyer

For more information on the AFET visit Armed Forces Education Trust. 

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