Thursday 18th June 2020

Returning to work? Feeling fearful about yet more change? Read this short article that military spouse, Claire Willsher has put on LinkedIn. All about helping to get our heads to be the healthiest and most energised version of yourself.

Health Consultant at DR ME, Claire says:

Having given a speech about building resilience last week to a company in Birmingham, it became evident that there are feelings of fear, overwhelm and uncertainty that many are experiencing with regard to returning to work and normality following this period of lockdown. These are all feelings I have experienced through a lifetime of ‘change’ being a military wife, and about to move into our 11th house in 15 years. 

Often, in the corporate world, people find it tough to voice their opinions of the daily struggle they face when juggling their work-life balance. Feelings of guilt often arise with regards to how they spend their time (either when at work, neglecting their family, or when with their family ignoring the never-ending work piling up). These mind-sets often result in forcing other priorities such as health to the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list, leaving it neglected.

Prior to lockdown I was lucky to have a face-to-face coffee with the author Manoj Krishna. I have recently just finished reading his book entitled ‘Understanding me, understanding you’. When we met earlier in the year, we had a fantastic discussion about the importance of understanding our emotions, and what signals our bodies send to us to make us aware. One of his underlying theories is that as children we are not taught to listen to the key indicators our bodies send, and as such we just plough on through life without paying ourselves enough attention. This quote from his book resonated very strongly for me “when we get ill this is the one time we wake up to our bodies needs and not take them for granted”. This is so true… how many times do we just take our bodies and minds for granted, and only notice them when they start to let us down, when we become ill? 

Our health needs to be on top form returning to work. I want to help you overcome the possible feelings associated with change and help get you on the right track. As such, I have decided to organise my first online webinar series to make this transition easier for people to take control of their wellbeing. You will learn many things from these sessions including: 

  • What food is best for fuelling your body
  • How to sleep better at night
  • How to take control of the things you can influence and focus on the positives
  • How to get moving your body more
  • How to boost your self-confidence and self-focus. 

My free 5-day live webinar is running from Monday 29th June- Friday 3rd July at 1330- 1400 hours. Each daily session will have a different focus and allow you to take away actionable daily habits to help you focus your attention prioritising your physical and mental health and putting you in the best shape to return to work. 

Health and self-care webinar series by Claire Willsher

Sign up details of this workshop can be found here. For more details please do get in touch at [email protected]. I hope you are able to put the spotlight on listening to the signals your body is sending you and give yourself the opportunity to prioritise your self-care wellbeing. I look forward to getting you on board very soon. 

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Story source: LinkedIn

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