Friday 13th November 2020

Information for Service families on where they can go for support for their Service children.

What it means to be a Service child

“A ‘Service child’ has parent(s) – or person(s) with exercising parental responsibility – who is/are Service personnel.”

The life of a Service child is one that involves frequent home and school moves, which makes them as diverse as the modern families they are part of. Whilst a mobile lifestyle builds adaptability we know it also brings challenges, such as emotional strain when a parent is deployed.

Here at the RAF Families Federation, we celebrate their strengths, listen to their voices and help them with the challenges faced, along with our partners who work hard to support our Service children.

Support for Service children

Here we share links to some of our partners where you can see the incredible work they are doing to champion and support Service children and help them to thrive:

Find out more on our Education Pages.

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