Building business beyond the Magnolia Box

Tuesday 6th June 2023

New Book “Building Business Beyond the Magnolia Box” launched empowers military partners to achieve business success:

Military life is filled with challenges, and adding a business into the mix can create even more chaos. However, author Jess Sands is here to guide military partners through the journey of building a successful business with her new book, “Building Business Beyond the Magnolia Box.”

Packed with tried and tested tips, this book provides invaluable advice to help military partners grow the businesses they’ve always dreamed of.

Since 2009, Jess Sands has been navigating military life alongside her serving husband. Despite the constant house moves, deployments, and operations, she has successfully built two businesses and has become an inspiration for over 1,300 military partners in business.

Jess understands the unique challenges faced by armed forces spouses, partners, and other halves, as she experiences them every single day. Moreover, she knows the ambition of being a business owner eager to create something that is exclusively their own.

Manual for business-owning military partners

“Building Business Beyond the Magnolia Box” is an insightful manual based on tried and tested methods complemented by the wisdom and experiences of other business-owning military partners. The book offers valuable guidance on establishing and growing a business as an armed forces partner, spouse, or other half.

Whether readers are just starting their entrepreneurial journey or are seasoned Milspo business owners, this book will serve as a compass in the topsy-turvy world of building a business within the military community.

What sets this book apart is its interactive approach, incorporating business-focused exercises that encourage readers to sketch, scribble, annotate, and explore. Additionally, Jess Sands includes important segments of interviews with various business professionals, providing insights and inspiration. Practical tools and resources are also shared to empower readers in turning their business dreams into reality.

“Building Business Beyond the Magnolia Box” is available from today – Readers can obtain a copy online from Amazon.

About Jess Sands:

Jess Sands, founder of Milspo Network

Jess Sands is the founder of Milspo Business Network, an online community that inspires over 1,300 UK military spouses, partners and other-halves from across the forces world to build successful businesses that flourish and grow despite the pressures of modern military life.

As well as running her creative design business, Design Jessica, Jess is the host of The InDependent Spouse podcast – a series of fun, informative podcasts featuring inspiring guests and content from individuals with a link to the military.

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