Thursday 24th September 2020

Service accommodation is a significant benefit. However, more frequently Service personnel and their families are choosing civilian housing options, which was evidenced by AFCAS 2020 findings: 62% of married Service personnel are homeowners.

Here we talk about the civilian housing options available to Service personnel, to ensure you have the latest information about the options available to you.

There are a number of housing schemes that are available to the Service and Ex Service community. These include:

  • Ministry of Defence Nominations scheme
  • Low Cost Home Ownership
  • Key Worker Living Programme

If you are thinking of buying your own home, or you are just about to leave the RAF and want to know what housing options are open to you, take a look at the JSHAO pages on GOV.UK which will direct you to the appropriate documents on the Defence Gateway.

The aim of the JSHAO is to provide Service personnel and their families with information and advice on the increasingly complex range of civilian housing options. The JSHAO provides a focal point for housing information and advice to all Service personnel and their families in particular those about to return to civilian life.

More information can be found on our dedicated page.

Contact the RAF FF Accommodation Team

If you would like guidance on civilian housing contact us online in the first instance. We have two housing experts on the team who can provide advice and guidance.

More information on Housing

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