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Monday 21st January 2019

Military personnel are constantly on the move. I’ve moved 10 times in my married life, but for some it is a lot more! Being a long way away from your wider family and having to make new friends each time can be the hardest part of being a military wife, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Singing has been scientifically proved to reduce the feelings of anxiety, and you know yourself how great it feels to sing your favourite song at the top of your voice. The best thing though, is that WE ALL UNDERSTAND!

Most of us have not sung since we were at school, but our Musical Director believes that everyone has a singing voice, and she will help you find it.

When I joined in 2016, the Cottesmore choir had just taken part in the Military Wives Choirs album “Home for Christmas”, I remember thinking what a fabulous experience that must have been, and the opportunity was unlikely to arise again, but at the end of 2017, it was announced that we were to record an album to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War 1. The lyrics tell how if felt to wave their loved ones off to war, not knowing if they would see them again. Those sentiments are still true today.

Performing in events, and concerts has helped our local community raise thousands of pounds. The most memorable are: Singing a fundraising event for the new Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre; Taking part in the Military Wives Choirs Cathedral tour, at Peterborough Cathedral; Being invited back to Leicester Cathedral to sing on Armed Forces Day for the 3rd year; Being asked to take part in a ceremony to celebrate the culmination of a massive community event. 10,000 ceramic poppies, made by schools and groups across the region, were displayed at Oakham Castle, much like at the Tower of London.

What I have gained from being in a Military Wives Choir, is A Whole New Family!. These ladies really are solid gold! – friends for life. I love performing in a choir, I have even sung a solo in front of hundreds of people – I never thought I could do that! So come and join us and find out how amazing you could be.

There are 75 Military Wives Choirs worldwide. As member of a Military Wives Choir, the next time you move, you can simply transfer.


The Cottesmore choir represents all three services and we draw ladies from Wittering, Melton Mowbray and Kendrew Barracks as well as from Stamford, Leicester and Grantham. Many of us lift-share.

Military Wives Choirs

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