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Thursday 2nd May 2019

With the help of the Army Families Federation, The Naval Families Federation and the Royal Air Force Families Federation, some of the most frequently asked questions were put to Helen Helliwell, of the Ministry of Defence Covenant Team.

The Covenant covers education and family well-being, housing, careers, healthcare, financial issues and discount services.

On the Forces Network website there are a series of videos, where Helen answers whether some of these frequently held thoughts about the Covenant are fact, or fiction.

The videos cover the following frequently asked questions:

Fact or fiction?

The Armed Forces Covenant means that Forces families moving into a new area will be assisted with access to school places?

The Covenant can help with the cost of childcare when we’re posted to a more expensive area, like London?

My child’s school will get money from the Service Pupil Premium?

I’m divorced but as my ex-husband is still serving, my child’s school can still claim the Service Pupil Premium?

The Covenant entitles me to social housing when I leave the services?

I’m separating from my partner and the Covenant means the council has to let me onto the housing register even though I don’t have a local connection?

The Covenant means I can get financial help to buy my own house?

The Covenant means I will only have to pay 50% of my council tax when I’m posted elsewhere in the UK, as we’ll only be using the house when we come back to visit?

The Armed Forces Covenant will allow me to retain my place in the NHS waiting list when I get posted to a new location?

The Armed Forces Covenant supports the transfer of ongoing medical treatment?

We’re about to be posted but our child is in the middle of orthodontic treatment. The Covenant guarantees that we can register with a new dentist immediately to continue her treatment?

We want to start IVF treatment but we’re due to be posted. I’ve heard the Covenant will ensure we can get treatment wherever we go?

My son is having mental health problems and suffering at school. I think part of the problem is caused by his Dad being away so much but the Covenant means I can get him pushed up the waiting list for a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services appointment?

I’m leaving the forces and want to apply for social housing in this area but I’m not originally from here. Does the Covenant mean I can settle where I want?

Source: Forces Network

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