18 May 2017Film clip showing the Service Pupil Premium at work

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State schools, academies and free schools in England, which have children of service families can receive the Service Pupil Premium (SPP). The SSVC Forces Welfare Team shares a film clip providing one great example of how that funding is put to good use.

The RAF Leeming Community Primary School in North Yorkshire is one of only a few schools in the UK which are behind the wire of a military base. It caters almost exclusively for forces children and they are using the funding to provide imaginative, specialist support for its pupils.

With many of the pupils having moved schools a number of times the staff take special steps to ensure the children find it easy to make new friends and don't fall behind in their education.

click on image below for the film clip to start (YouTube):


Additional article

Earlier in the year, the Families Federation also published an online news story, 'Service Pupil Premium - How it's used at Leeming RAF CP School'. This is a fantastic example of how schools use this form of funding, as part of the Armed Forces Covenant supporting service children.  

Reference for education provision in:

 Story image: copyright RAF Leeming Community Primary School.


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