Semi-detached Service Family Accommodation SFA at RAF Halton

Tuesday 11th January 2022

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation share that with the current high rates of COVID-19 throughout the UK, the safety of families and our staff remains our top priority. Therefore, where our Industry Partner’s resources are impacted due to staff self-isolating, Service Family Accommodation housing teams may be granted – on a case-by-case basis – extra time to complete repairs. This may result in timescales for repairs and maintenance work being extended as follows:

  • Urgent calls – may be increased by up to 4 working days after the requested appointment (excluding the date of the revised appointment)
  • Routine calls – may be increased by up to 10 working days after the requested date of the appointment (excluding the date of the revised appointment)
  • Wind and weather calls – may be increased by up to 15 working days (excluding the date of the revised appointment)

Any delays to Critical calls will be avoided wherever possible and there will be no changes to Emergency call deadlines.

We would like to assure families that these extended timescales will only be applied in exceptional circumstances and all efforts will be made to deal with every case as quickly as possible.

We would also like to reassure families that services to your homes will continue to be delivered safely and DIO and our Industry Partners will continue to maintain COVID-19 safe working practices including:

  • contractors will continue to call in advance of a visit to SFA/SSFA to ensure occupants are not self-isolating
  • all operatives will wear a face covering whilst working in SFA/SSFA
  • contractors will continue to sanitise their hands and equipment before entering an SFA/SSFA
  • social distancing protocols will continue to apply

For more guidance on how we will continue to ensure COVID-19 safe working practices in your homes please refer to COVID-19 guidance for the MOD Housing Community on GOV.UK.

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Version 11/01/2022

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