Customer Story: SEND School Placement

Wednesday 17th January 2024

How the RAF Families Federation (RAFFF) helped and RAF family when their child’s school informed them they were unable to meet their child’s special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

An interim part-time timetable placed extra strain on the family

Due to the school being unable to meet the child’s needs, the child was moved to a part-time timetable while a school place in an appropriate setting was sought. This placed additional demands on the family which prompted them to reach out to us for help.

Engaging the Local Authority to deliver appropriate and timely support

We engaged with the Local Authority (LA) to request that appropriate support was put in place to ensure the child could access full-time education and an appropriate school place was offered to them in a timely manner. The child subsequently returned to full-time schooling in their original setting while a more appropriate placement was sourced.

The family subsequently received an offer of a setting which they felt could meet their child’s needs and they accepted the place. While this was positive news, unfortunately, the family encountered further challenges due to the location of the school and needed school transport which was not immediately available.

The RAF Families Federation again contacted the LA to discuss school transport provision for the family and, after an interim period where the family organised a complex plan to assist their child in attending school, we were pleased to hear that transport is now in place and everything seems to be going well at the new school.

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