Thursday 1st January 1970

At the RAF FF we love to celebrate the achievements of our Service partners in business. Here we take a closer look at The Detachment Diary and their latest product the Everyday Planner.

The Detachment Diary was started by Ayesha Benning after experiencing a deployment and the feelings of detachment it can bring. The Detachment Diary provides a more traditional means of keeping connected and is something that can be kept long after the deployment is finished. The idea is the deployed person takes a diary and loved ones, a partner or children, at home keep a diary too and on their return you can exchange diaries to share each others experiences.

The Everyday planner is the latest product in the range to be launched and complements the Detachment Diary by providing a means to plan your day.

The Detachment Diary Everyday Planner

Ayesha comments on the latest product in the range:

“The Everyday planner has been designed during COVID to help me manage my days during a deployment. It helps to keep on track of the hours in the day and plan the day in sections; morning activities, chores, downtime, getting outside, appointments and a small to do list. You can also record your daily wins and achievements, the weather, your emotions and a sleep tracker.”

You can purchase The Detachment Diary and the Everyday Planner from The Detachment Diary Website.

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