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Monday 16th May 2022

There has been a progress update regarding Future Defence Infrastructure (FDIS) Accommodation. Find out more in this latest statement from DIO.

Update on the appointments issue in the South East and South West

VIVO have contacted most of the affected families who raised jobs with the National Service Centre (NSC) whilst the interface was down to arrange new appointments. If VIVO is not able to contact a family via the telephone they will email with an appointment and will advise the family to contact the NSC to re-arrange the appointment if the one proposed is not suitable. By way of compensation, e-vouchers are being issued to all affected families and should be received over the next few weeks. Families do not need do not need to contact the NSC to claim their compensation, they will automatically be contacted.

Potential issue of missed appointment in the North and Central Regions

In last week’s brief we informed you that Amey have identified that their scheduling tool is not operating to its full functionality. Amey remain able to receive, process and schedule appointments from the NSC, but the system is not always dynamically tracking engineer movements on the day of the appointment. The Track My Engineer capability was therefore disabled last week until a solution is found. This issue has no negative impact on appointment availability for families contacting the NSC to raise jobs.

What this issue means for families in the North and Central regions:

• Families should continue to receive a one-hour arrival slot in advance of the day of the appointment. However, whilst this issue is being resolved, these slots can only be treated as an estimate and the operative will call the family when they are on their way. Unfortunately, they cannot currently be tracked.
• Families will not receive a Track My Engineer link and therefore will not be able to see live updates before arrival of the operative.

We do appreciate the inconvenience this may cause for affected families and Amey are working hard to create an easy way for families to contact them directly if the operative they are expecting is late and they have not yet heard from them.

Amey are determined to return full functionality to families as quickly as possible. In addition, Amey continue to work with Pinnacle to understand where appointments might have been missed so that compensation vouchers can be proactively issued to affected families.

DIO is working closely with Pinnacle, VIVO, Amey and service family accommodation stakeholders to address issues when they arise in these new contracts. We are all committed to transforming housing services for families.

For further information about the new FDIS Accommodation contracts that replaced the National Housing Prime (NHP) contract on 1 April 2022, please continue to check the SFA Gov.UK website, Pinnacle website and Families Federations and HIVE social media and web pages.


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