Monday 13th September 2021

Service personnel should make an application for this type of accommodation as soon as they receive an Assignment Order as this will give Mears as much time as possible to source rentals.

Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) and Substitute Service Family Accommodation (SSFA) is provided by Mears on behalf of DIO from the private rental market across the UK. The private rental market is currently experiencing shortfalls due to private tenant demand, changes of use of properties for holiday lets and because property owners are selling lettings at a market peak.

Mears’ ability to find housing solutions for single Service personnel and Families is being impacted in certain areas of the UK, such as tourist, rural, and coastal areas. This may lead to waits for housing, widening search areas or requests to accept properties at a reduced scale (smaller size) for SSFA, in line with policy in JSP 464.

To assist Mears with housing allocation it is important Service personnel apply for accommodation as soon as possible after receiving their Assignment Order (AO) and keep up to date with their applications.

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Applying for SSSA

Service personnel requiring SSSA are requested to submit E1154s to their receiving/administrative unit a minimum of 27 working days prior to their assignment date or on receipt of the AO. This is to ensure that the processing officers have notice to complete the E1154 before emailing to DIO Substitute Accommodation Team (SAT). The E1154 form can be found on the Substitute Service Accommodation page on Defnet and instructions of use are on the first page.

Where a job role is currently providing a working from home solution, it is requested that SSSA applications are approved for Service personnel with no other property to work from and that occupants commit to the 4 night rule as outlined in JSP 464 Vol 2 8.200 – Entitlement.

Applying for SSFA

On receipt of an AO, Service personnel should apply for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) through the E1132 form which can be found on the Defence Intranet (accessible to Service personnel only).

For Service personnel who do not have access to the Defence Intranet, a paper version of the MOD Form 1132: application to occupy service family accommodation (SFA) is available in JSP 464: tri-service accommodation regulations (TSARs) Part 2, Chapter 4. Exceptions to using the online system are normally for personnel who are on operations and do not have access to the Defence Intranet. Families cannot access the system also.

If SFA is unavailable in the area of assignment, a Non-Availability Certificate (NAC) will be issued and the E1132 application for SFA will be updated to show the NAC has been approved.

Once this NAC has been accepted, DIO SAT will process the information from the application to Mears for the sourcing of SSFA accommodation.

To find out more visit the website, DIO Service Families Accommodation

See also: How to apply for SFA

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