Thursday 28th February 2019

The RAF Families Federation has released a short report summarising the experiences of RAF dispersed families, as identified through a set of online surveys.  The survey snapshot provides a brief overview of the most positive aspects reported by families as well as the biggest challenges raised. 

This research was carried out as part of the ongoing RAF Dispersed Families Project, an initiative funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds.  The project aims to improve understanding of RAF dispersed families – those who live away from the base whether in private or Service accommodation. 

Addressing the Parliamentary Defence Committee meeting on 12th February, RAF FF Director Maria Lyle identified that for many families dispersed living was a positive choice.  However there were those who felt more isolated, and Maria noted that the RAF Families Federation would be making recommendations as to how more support could be put in place where required. 

Speaking about the survey outcomes, Maria said:

“We are delighted to share these findings, and are really grateful to the many families who responded to us.  There are some clear benefits in taking the decision to settle, which are shown here.  It is also important that we understand the challenges, and how the RAF can engage with and support families who may need help but do not live on units.  We intend to trial different approaches here, to ensure the best possible understanding of how welfare support can be delivered to dispersed families.”

Recommendations will be based on the results of these family surveys, combined with findings from a range of interviews and stakeholder surveys.  Given the potential for numbers of dispersed families to increase under the Future Accommodation Model, proposed changes will help to ‘future-proof’ support for those not living close to their parent unit. 

Dispersed families survey snapshot pdf

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