Schooling for 14-19 yr olds

The 14-19 Education and Skills Programme is the new programme the Government has launched for 14-19 yr olds, which also includes the introduction of a diploma. It is mentioned in the Service Personnel Command Paper matrix as something that will be monitored and it was an agenda item at the MOD Children’s Board meeting.

The Government want an excellent system of 14-19 education; a system where all young people have opportunities to learn in ways which motivate and engage them and, through hard work, position themselves for success in life.

The Government believe it is important to keep the public updated about the reforms, improvements and plans for 14–19 education and their new website is where you can find out about:

  • changes to the curriculum that came into effect from September 2008
  • the new Diploma, apprenticeships and the strengthened GCSEs and A levels
  •  information and support materials about the development of the 14-19 curriculum and 14-19 partnerships
  • support, training and events for organisations delivering Diplomas and functional skills
  • access to 14-19 area prospectuses.

To find out what courses and qualifications there are for 14 to 19 year olds in your area visit the GOV.UK site.

Scholarships for children whose parent has died in Service

The Bereavement Scholarship Scheme is available for 16 year olds and over, to provide University and FE scholarships for the children of Service personnel whose death has been attributed to Service since 1990. 


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