School admissions

Schools Admissions and Schools Admissions Appeals Codes have been revised and reissued.  They contain guidance, much of which is now mandatory, to all public bodies with responsibilities for admissions to schools in England.

This Code came into force on 19 December 2014 and, unless otherwise stated, applied with immediate effect. It applied to admission arrangements determined in 2015 for admission in school year 2016/17 and any future years. The Code applies to admissions to all maintained schools in England. See page 25, paragraph 2.18 of the School Admissions Code (December 2014).

Under the Armed Forces Covenant most local authorities will now accept applications for In-year admissions for service children (that is children who move schools outside of the usual starting points at reception and year 7) in advance of the family moving to the area on production of an official assignment order. In certain limited circumstances local authorities may exceed the statutory infant class size limit for service children. However, local authorities are unable to guarantee that service children will automatically be offered a place in their first choice school. Further information can be found by contacting CEAS or consulting the Schools Admission code.

If you would like to know more or have a particular problem with admissions to school (or any other problem affecting the education of your children) you can contact the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) on 01980 618244 or email:, please include as much information as possible about your query, such as the age of your child(ren), an explanation of your situation to help the team respond to you and allow a few days for a response.

As well as seeking advice from CEAS, parents are advised to visit their local HIVEs and libraries, and trawl the internet for national and local schools support networks.

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