Childcare, playgroups, schools

Finding out about childcare, playgroups and schools in your new posting area can be daunting. Follow the links provided to seek advice and assistance:

A one-stop-shop to finding local childare

There is an award winning website now available, called which provides an online social networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors with over 1,000,000 members. Brilliant for military families moving in to new areas and needing a quick hit on what's available, and also what childare jobs might be available.

UK State Schools

For school locations within the UK try GOV.UK
For visit Ofsted Insection Reports on schools in the UK

Boarding Schools in the UK

See our separate section on boarding schools.

Independent Schools

For independent schools in the UK there is the UK Independent Schools Directory.

The Independent Schools Council also provide useful information and a school locator.

Amongst the many other information providers on the web there is The Independent Schools Directory.

Please note that Affiliated Independent Schools are not inspected under the Ofsted umbrella but instead by the Independent Schools Inspectorate where you can view the Inspection Report of the school of your choice.

Overseas Schools

For schools overseas, visit the Service Children’s Education (SCE) pages on the GOV website.

Childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers are available to Service personnel. The vouchers can save £1,000s in childcare costs by allowing you to pay for childcare from your income before it is taxed and are available for children up to the age of 15. The scheme will not impact on your Service pension.

The most comprehensive, up-to-date and targeted information on childcare vouchers for Serving personnel is on the Sodexo website. For further reading there is general advice on childcare vouchers from Martin Lewis' on his website. the RAF Community pages on the MOD website.

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