Children often face specific and unique challenges arising from their parent’s service in the RAF. Most of these challenges arise from mobility or separation and deployment associated with Service life. New assignments often result in the family moving to a new location. For parents this means the challenges of finding suitable childcare or school places and for children the challenge of settling into a new setting, making new friends and continuity of their education. Parents of children with special educational needs may face particular challenges to find suitable and appropriate provision to meet their children’s needs. However, many Service children are acknowledged as resilient, adaptable and independent and achieve well in academic outcomes.

Education is a devolved responsibility and separate systems and regulations govern early years and education provision in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - A Guide for Service Families - UK Education Systems.

The Royal British Legion has produced a best practice guide focusing on Service children in school in England and a guide focusing on Service children in school in Wales with a Welsh language version.

Directorate of Children and Young People

DCYP is the focal point within the MOD for all matters relating to Service children and young people including responsibility for provision of education overseas.

Children’s Education Advisory Service

CEAS is part of DCYP and are a small team who provide information and advice to Service parents on a wide range of issues regarding the education of Service children including schools admissions, SEND provision, Continuity of Education Allowance and boarding schools, overseas education. Their telephone number is 01980 618244 or email on 


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