Further and Higher Education

Further Education (FE) 

FE is the education undertaken post -secondary level and before Higher Education. 

GOV.UK has a guidance page offering advice on the different types of options and courses available.

Higher Education (HE) 

DCYP have an information page on Higher Education which offers a useful overview on the differences between funding in  England and the devolved administrations.

UCAS support for students from a UK Armed Forces background

Veterans, or students whose parent(s), carer(s), or partner are current or former UK Armed Forces personnel may find there are unique circumstances to consider when making their applications. They may also be able to get extra support from their chosen university or college.

Whether you are a service child, veteran or service leaver, head to the UCAS website where you’ll find many links of additional information and guidance.

In addition – SCiP have published guidance on making the most of your personal statement as well as guidance for practitioners supporting young people, including teachers, referees and HE admissions departments: 

Students from armed forces families: Your UCAS application

HE student case studies and ‘Making the most of my assets’ worksheet

From 2020, all Universities are required to publish Access and Participation Plans.  The Office for Students published its first analysis of these in February 2020.  SCiP Alliance discusses the report here.

The report states: 

77. Our initial analysis of the plans also suggests that some student groups may not be adequately addressed. For example, mature students have not been prioritised by many providers despite low and decreasing proportions of such students in their own populations and the sector more broadly. Similarly, although other, smaller groups of underrepresented students, such as Gypsy, Roma and Traveller groups, children from military families and carers, are mentioned in many plans, some of the approaches to addressing the needs of these groups are in the early stages of development or are yet to be scoped”  

The RAF Families Federation will continue to work with SCiP Alliance to encourage inclusion of Armed Forces children and you could look at the plans of any Universities that your child is planning to apply for to see if it has put in place particular measures for Armed Forces families. 

Service Children’s Progression Alliance

The Service Children’s Progression (SCiP) Alliance is a partnership of organisations including the RAF Families Federation focused on improving outcomes for children from military families. The SCiP Alliance’s Mission is to champion the progression of the children of military personnel, so that they can make informed and confident transitions through further and higher education into thriving adult lives and careers.The SCip website has further research and resources for practitioners as well as information for parents.

The University of Winchester has undertaken some research into the progression of service children into HE and FE.

Have a look at this news story from April 2019, where Universities are urged to boost their support for Armed Forces families.   

Adults – preparing for university level study

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is the regulator for the Access to Higher Education Diploma, a qualification designed for adults to prepare them for university level study.

The UCAS Armed Forces support page also provides details of support available to service leavers, veterans and spouses and partners of Armed Forces personnel. 

See here for information on the ‘Troops to Teachers’ initiative including bursary. 

Courses and qualifications for 14-19 year olds

Find out what courses and qualifications are available at schools, colleges and sixth forms in your area.

Scholarships for children whose parent has died in Service

The Bereavement Scholarship Scheme is available for 16 year olds and over, to provide University and FE scholarships for the children of service personnel whose death has been attributed to Service since 1990.