Overseas schooling

“Most parents will consider their children’s education to be an important factor in deciding whether to volunteer for an overseas assignment.  As parents it is your responsibility to research options and decide on school preferences….” For more see the article on Education overseas – what you need to know” in our Winter 2019 Envoy.

DCYP have oversight of education overseas – through the MOD Schools team for all MOD provision and through the Global Education team for all other settings. 

All parents need to obtain educational clearance for their children, aged 0 to 18 years of age, before proceeding with a move overseas. 

Prior to a service parents posting overseas, the needs of all service children will be assessed to ensure that the educational needs can be met, this process is part of the MOD’s Assessment of Supportability (MASO)

For more information on overseas schooling visit DCYP’s web page.

Overseas Nursery Allowance renamed to Overseas Nursery Authority

Did you know that you can apply for a reimbursement of nursery fees if there is no free childcare available when you are overseas?  This has recently been renamed ‘Overseas Nursery Authority’ and the regulations updated.

Parents of three and four year olds in overseas locations where Ministry of Defence (MOD) schools and settings are not available can apply for reimbursement of nursery fees by means of Overseas Nursery Allowance (ONA).

Here is a letter on the Transformation project for MOD Schools from DCYP Director Mike Cooper from earlier this year.