Monday 7th December 2020

Making change happen requires evidence. We can’t simply ask policy makers to make a change ‘because we’ve been told this is a problem’ – it just won’t cut it. This is why we ask you to log the issues that affect you. When you log an issue with us, it means we are able to build up our evidence base and strengthen our argument for why change is needed.

We’re not the only ones that operate in this way. We work alongside researchers from many institutions, as well as government departments, all of whom are gathering evidence and researching the issues to the ones we report on.

Are you looking for evidence?

If you are facing an issue and you are interested in seeking out research or evidence to help your case, the Veterans and Families Research Hub (VFR Hub) is a great starting point.

How the VFR Hub can help you

It was set up to: “Provide an accessible, contemporary and authoritative repository of UK and international research-related resources and literature on military veterans and their families, including transitions to civilian lives, that informs and stimulates research, policy development, improved service delivery and journalistic enquiry.”

As well as accessing research, you can also join in with the discussions and post your own research – as long as it is backed up by rigorous evidence of course.

We’re pleased to have published several of our reports on the hub – the RAF Dispersed Families Summary Briefing Paper and the RAF Family: experiences from around the world and Lifting the Lid on Transition: The family experience and the support they need.

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