Keeping in Touch

Staying in touch can with what is happening RAF-wise can sometimes be difficult. Here is a list of links to those organisations you might find of use.

RAF FF Website

Keep an eye on our website and news stories for up-to-date news and developments, (the website is updated daily). If you'd like a summary of the key stories sent direct to your inbox, you might like to consider signing up to our eBULLETIN. We send out an eBulletin approximately once a week.

Social Media

The Federation also communicates through social media - Facebook page or Twitter.

Please think before you share anything online and please read the Families section on what not to do whilst on social media etc on GOV.UK

If you are a parent of someone in the RAF or actually thinking of joining yourself, we also have a specific Facebook Group and that's great for all our members on there supporting each other and sharing some great experiences. We monitor that group and find that mostly the parents and other Serving personnel answer each other's questions, without the need for us to get involved. Everyone is vetted too when you request to join as your safety is of paramount importance to us.

RAF Reserve Personnel Facebook Group: A group for Reserve personnel and their families.

RAF website

The RAF official website offers a plethora of information on all things RAF, including aircraft, stations, history.


RAF Airspace is a a controlled access community website for serving RAF personnel, senior retired officers, reservists and their families. 

MOD websiteThe site offers information on all three services..

RAF Community

BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service)

BFBS has always had the intention of informing and entertaining military personnel, whereever they may be in the world.  Now on DAB radio and with more TV channels they increasing their reach.  BFBS as well as being good entertainment and will carry items of new and interest and have a relevance for  the whole Service Community.

Record a story for your son or daughter whilst away on deployment or on a course

Storybook Wings is the RAF Association's initiative for serving RAF parents who have to spend time away from their children - whether they are away on deployment or working away during the week. Sound effects and music are added to create a really special keepsake. 

RAF News

RAF News is the newspaper of the RAF. It is published fortnightly and available from newsagents and on Station.

RAF Station Websites

RAF associated WEBSITES

  • Marhamhub Support for the RAF Marham community
  • Supporting the British military families serving in Hampton Roads
  • militarywiveschoirs Their own dedicated website, where the choirs are and how to get in touch



These sites do not come with our recommendation but they never-the-less discuss Service issues which maybe useful.

  • Mumsnet By Parents for Parents
  • PPRuNe The Professional Pilots Rumour Network
  • E-Goat The Totally Unofficial RAF Rumour Network
  • HM Forces A Service Community Site
  • RAFairmen's Blog Life as an RAF Airman
  • forceschatter A Chat Room for families & friends of the UK Armed Forces
  • AirMech A forum for Aircraft Engineers, includes an RAF section
  • Social networking site for grandparents   
  • RearParty A forum for Forces Wives, Partners, Friends and Family







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