12 December 2016Are you a family leaving the RAF? We need your help...

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The RAF FF is starting a new two-year project, with funding from the Forces in Mind Trust, and is looking for families who would like to work with us, to follow your experiences of transitioning from the RAF to a civilian life.


By looking at families' experiences of the transition process, we want to build our expertise and gather evidence of how the process works (or doesn't) to develop a toolkit for support and recommendations for improvement.

Have you or your partner recently left the RAF, or are thinking of leaving in the next 2 years? We need your views.

Please note this survey is designed to gain the view of the immediate family, and is aimed at RAF spouses/partners and should take around 5 minutes to complete.


Transition Liaison Manager, Louise Briggs said:

"We are at an early stage but if your serving spouse/partner is leaving the RAF within the next two years or so, and you think you would like to be involved then I'd love to hear from you.

"We will be working on setting up some web resources to support our work, so watch for updates through either Envoy magazine or our weekly online eBULLETIN."

Simply email louise.briggs@raf-ff.org.uk or telephone 01780 781650.


Louise Briggs (Image © RAF FF)


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