Support for RAF families with common challenges

Service families face unique challenges, here we signpost the available support for RAF families.

If you face an issue and you are unsure where to go or who to speak to, you can always contact the team at the Families Federation and we can signpost you to the best experts.

Support within your RAF Unit

Whilst most serving personnel and their families have an understandable reluctance to approach anyone in the chain of command for help, we do encourage you to at least consider whether they may be best placed to offer the support you need – particularly if your problem has the potential to impact on your serving family member’s ability to do his or her primary duty.

Flight and Squadron Commanders have a line management responsibility for their Servicemen and women and a duty of care to support them and their families, particularly when the uniformed family member is away from home.

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How we can help

We exist to help with any issues you face as an RAF family. If there is an issue you need support with, let us know.