Separation and deployment research

There is a lot of research into the effects of separation and deployment on service children. If you’d like to read some of that research and increase your understanding of the impact separation from a parent can have take a look at the following links:

To really get immersed, if that is your thing, you can search for ‘Service children’ on the Veterans and Families Research Hub and explore related worldwide research

Using the RAF HIVEs

The RAF HIVE network will have knowledge of local support services to you, if you live near an RAF Unit, and can offer practical help for individual circumstances. If you live away in your own community, you can still contact teams for information, or contact the RAF FF team and we’d be happy to help you.

Books for children during deployment

Daddy’s Going Away by Christopher MacGregor

Mummy’s Home by Christopher MacGregor

Cover of 'Mummy's Home' by Christopher MacGregor
Storybook WIngs logo

Record your own story with Storybook Wings

Storybook Wings is a free service that enables you, the Serving parent, to record your own story book, bringing your voice to bedtime for your child(ren).

Find out more about Storybook Wings

Organisations and initiatives providing deployment support

Little Troopers

This organisation is a registered charity, founded and run by military wife, Louise Fetigan. Little Troopers main objective is to support children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve. There is a variety of support available such as separation packs, colouring in cards, residential trips and other events. You can sign up to their newsletter to be kept up to date on what’s available and when.

Reading Force

Reading Force logo

Reading Force keeps forces families close and connected during deployments and long periods away through sharing stories. It offers support (free books and scrapbooks) to both families, schools or welfare clubs. Their shared reading initiative encourages families to read, talk, and scrapbook about a book, improving communication and enriching relationships with books and each other – one page at a time.

Soft Toys

Huggable Heroes logo

Huggable Heroes

Military mum, Jo has set up Huggable Heroes and simply prints your loved one(s) photos onto fabric, ready to make into the perfect sized cuddly toy. The Heroes fit perfectly under little arms to carry around and they are small enough for older children to tuck into school bags. Prices start at £25 (payment plans are available).

Deployment suggestions from the RAF Families Federation

Deployment Feature from Envoy Spring 2019

Additional separation and deployment information

The Naval Families Federation’s Parental Absence Resource is equally applicable to RAF families and you are welcome to make use of.