Additional Needs and Disability Guide

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

The Forces Additional Needs and Disability Forum (FANDF) has released an updated version of its Additional Needs and Disability Guide for Service families. Signposting Service families with additional needs and/or disabilities to the latest resources and guidance.

The lives of Service families can be very different from those in the civilian
world. Whilst these experiences can be enriching, the upheaval of
assignments, uncertainty about the future, lack of choice, as
well as the isolation of being far from friends and family can make life much more difficult.

The challenges of military life are greater when you or a member of your family has a disability or an additional need. There are many questions to consider: When will we move? Will the housing be suitable? Will the local school be able to offer adequate support? How far are the local hospitals? What is transport like? Will the same treatment, medication or services be available?

The updated guide intends to connect families with challenging issues to the services and resources available to them, to make life easier.

Download the guide here

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