My husband is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan for the first time and we need to know more about Pax insurance. What is already in place for the armed forces and what other cover does he need?
The Service currently makes provision for those who suffer injury or illness but experience has shown that this support does not always cover all eventualities. It is therefore essential that all Service personnel consider whether it would be appropriate to  seek adequate accident and life insurance, especially if they have dependants. With regards to the PAX insurance, we suggest that you look at the information on their website, as this will tell you about the types of cover that they can provide.

I am getting divorced and would like to know how much of my ex-spouses pension I will be entitled to.
We would recommend that you initally contact the Forces Pensions Society, as they will be able to give you independent advice on the current rules regarding Armed Forces Pensions and divorce. You can find more information and their contact details on their website. You may also need to seek legal advice too.

Where do I find out which companies offer military discount?
There are many companies which offer discounts to members of the military community, especially since the launch of the Armed Forces Covenant. A good starting point would be the Defence Discount Service, which is the official MoD discount service. You can find out more details on their website. Alternatively, you could always ask the question when you purchase goods - many stores will give discounts to Service personnel and their families, but they don't always advertise it!

We are returning from a three year overseas tour and I cannot find an insurance company who will acknowledge the no claims bonus I have accumulated. What can I do?
The Service Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP) members recognise and understand many of the unique aspects of military life, including the issues that arise when you return from an overseas tour. More details about the range of insurers who may be able to offer you vehicle insurance can be found here

I am just about to be deployed  - what happens about my mobile phone contract whilst I am away?
It will depend on which mobile phone company you have a contract with. Our advice is to speak to your provider and ask whether your contract could be put on hold while you are deployed. You will need to provide proof that you are a member of the Armed Forces and details about the duration of your deployment.

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