Do I need insurance for my Service Families Accommodation (SFA)?
JSP 464 states that occupants of SFA have a potential liability to DIO Ops Accommodation up to a maximum of £20,000 for damage to their property. As you occupy SFA & Substitute SFA under a Service Licence to Occupy agreement (known as a Licence to Occupy) you are not classed as a tenant and, therefore, standard home insurance policies do not cover the potential liability. The Services Insurance & Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP) website can provide details of a number of insurance providers who can organise policies that have been designed specifically for SFA occupants. The web page can be found at www.siiap.org/l2o or here for the SIIAP home page www.siiap.org/home. You may also want to consider arranging insurance to cover your personal property and your liability to third parties, in respect of any injury to them or damage to their property.

I’m leaving the service and have nowhere to live, I need advice on my options, who do I contact?
We suggest that you contact the Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) as soon as possible. The role of the JSHAO is to provide specialist housing information to Service personnel (and their dependants) as they prepare to leave the Services and to assist them in their transition to civilian life.

I am serving and I have just got divorced.  We have shared custody of the children so what rights do I have with regards to SFA?
To be entitled to live in SFA,  you must hold the correct Personal Status Category (PStat Cat) - which for lone parents would be PStatCat2. The criteria for this is laid down in JSP 752,Chapter 1 Section 4 Paragraphs 01.0403.b. and 01.0404, which  you can access via our Policy pages.

I've been in a relationship with my partner for five years and we have a daughter. We're both serving so why can't we live in SFA?
This is a question that we frequently get asked and we have elevated the issue to the MoD accommodation policy staffs on a number of occasions. The current policy states that unmarried couples are not allowed to co-habit in Service accommodation under any circumstances. This rule applies even if you are both serving or you have a child together. To be entitled to live together in SFA, you must be married or in a civil  partnership.

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