My Grandfather died yesterday and I wondered whether the RAF could do anything to recognise his service - he was proud to be a RAF veteran and we would love it if someone from the RAF could attend his funeral.
If you are planning a funeral for someone who served in the RAF and you would like to honour the person’s service as part of the funeral, there are certain protocols that need to be followed. For further details and advice, go to the RAF Association website, where you will find all of the information you need.

My father, who used to be in the RAF, died recently. Unfortunatley, I do not have any of his possessions as keep sakes and I would really like to know what medals he received whilst serving.
Enquiries about any medals that have been awarded to RAF personnel should be directed towards the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency. More information and their contact details can be found on their website.

How do I request a copy of my late father's RAF service records?
The MoD is responsible for the service records of ex-Service personnel until they are opened to general public access at The National Archives. Subject to the payment of an administration fee of £30 per record and provision of a death certificate (except where death was in Service), certain information can be provided on request under the publication scheme.  To find out more and to make an application for these records Click here.

I am trying to locate details about an incident in July 1942, when my brother was shot down and killed in action.
We suggest that you contact the MoD Post Death Administration section within the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Cell (JCCC).  Part of the role of this team is related to work arising from fatalities from other conflicts during the past century so they should be able to provide you with further advice and assistance. You can find out further information about the team, and their contact details, on

My mother is a RAF veteran and is in need of care.  Are there any organisations that can help?
There are many charitable organisations that would be more than happy to help your Mother, depending on the type of care and support she requires. This support can range from sheltered accommodation to home visits.  We have included links to a few of the charities who may be able to help or who can signpost you to other specialist organisations : RAF Association; ssafa; the RAF Benevolent Fund; the Royal British Legion.

My Dad used to be in the RAF in the 60's - is he entitled to any sort of military pension?
The specialist pension team at Veterans UK will be able to provide you with advice. To go to their website Click here or give them a call on: 0800 085 3600. Alternatively, you can seek independent specialist advice from the Forces Pension Society.

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