We have children and are moving to a new area, how do I apply for schools?

You need to apply to your Local Authority for a place at a school. The OFSTED website can provide information and inspection reports for local schools.

What is the Service Pupil Premium (SPP)?

SPP is money that is paid directly to state schools, free Schools and academies across England for supporting Service children. The amount is £300 per child in Years R-11. More information


I have been posted overseas and I have a vehicle under a PCP finance agreement what are my options?

You do have the option to Voluntary Terminate the agreement as long as

  • You repay 50% of the Total Amount Payable (not the total amount borrowed, as you need to include interest and fees, and not half of your scheduled monthly payments)

But be aware that Voluntary Surrender is a very different thing as under Voluntary Surrender you give the car back but still owe whatever is left to pay the finance company will sell the car at auction adding on extra costs for collecting and disposing of the vehicle and then come after you for whatever you still owe. You also have the option of requesting that you take the vehicle with you if this is practicable and the finance company policy and terms and conditions allow you to do this.


My husband was posted to the USA and our daughter was born there. We informed the embassy of her birth but she doesn’t have a UK passport yet. We are visiting the UK and I would like to know how to obtain an NHS number for her.

Having an NHS number does not mean that the holder is entitled to NHS care without charge because use of the NHS in this way is based on residence or having an exemption from charge (being a family member of a member of the armed forces, in this instance).  In this case, the baby and mother can access NHS services in the same way as any resident person and so would only need to pay for services that a resident would pay for, such as dentistry or prescriptions, if appropriate.  The child would be issued with an NHS number the first time they were seen by a GP or received NHS treatment.

These charging arrangements cover England only, though the system in Scotland and Wales is very similar.  There are different arrangements for accessing GP services in NI. More information

We are moving into a new area, we have a child who is on an NHS waiting list for treatment – what happens to their place on it ?

The Armed Forces Covenant makes a commitment that Armed Forces family members who are patients on an NHS waiting list, have the time already accrued taken into account if they are posted elsewhere.

What happens about healthcare once we’re overseas?

Families posted to larger units, such as RAF Akrotiri, will have access to medical and dental care at the station Medical Centre, but the healthcare available to your family will vary significantly by location on other overseas postings. Healthcare provision could be through host nation GPs, dentists and hospitals (state-run or private), military medical facilities, or sometimes a mixture of these! Specific information about the medical plan for your assignment can be obtained from your Career Manager.


I am getting married soon, when can we apply for our SFA

You can apply for your SFA up to 4 months before your wedding date. The Amey Occupancy Services Team have 15 working days in which to offer you SFA.

You need to ensure that you apply as soon as possible to allow time for them to make you an offer, for you to accept and then arrange removals and any required furniture.

I’m about to move into SFA, will I have to pay council tax?

If you own your own property in England, Wales or Scotland, you will be liable to pay Council Tax (CT) on it. If you live in SFA/SSFA/SLA you pay CILOCT which is a contribution in lieu of CT – the MOD then distribute the funds to local authorities.

When can we move into our SFA?

You can take possession of SFA up to 2 weeks before you are married to allow you to move belongings in. You are not permitted to live in the property until after you are married.

I’ve recently got married and wish to apply for SFA, I’m not sure how I do that?

If you are new to the Royal Air Force family or moving into SFA in England, N. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, you can talk to an expert who will be able to guide you through the process of applying for your SFA. The Amey – Allocations (Occupancy Services team) Helpdesk is a ‘one stop shop’ for your SFA enquiries.  They will also be able to assist you through the SFA application process (e1132).

I am entering into a civil partnership are we entitled to SFA ?

Yes, any Service personnel who are 18 or over and married or in a civil partnership and have at least 6 months left to serve are entitled to SFA.

Do I have to provide my own furniture?

The RAF can provide furniture for the house but you pay an increased rental price. This can be booked when you apply for SFA via the E1132 form. You do not have to have RAF furniture and can bring your own.

Will there be white goods in the SFA like a washing machine or dishwasher?

No, you have to provide these yourself. The RAF do not provide them.

I’ve been told I need ‘Licence to Occupy’ insurance, is this correct?

When you signed your Property Acceptance Certificate you acknowledged your agreement to your Licence to Occupy the property – this lays down the terms and conditions of occupancy.

When living in Service Family Accommodation (SFA), you will need to insure your home. Standard home liability insurance does not cover SFA. The Ministry of Defence recommends (JSP 464, Volume 1, Part 1, Section I, Paragraph 0605) that you take out a specialist type of insurance that covers your liability, up to £20,000, for any damage you or your family may do to your SFA. This is called ‘Licence to Occupy’ insurance.

The Services Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP) provides details of insurance providers who can ensure that you have the necessary ‘Licence to Occupy’ cover.

I’m moving out of my SFA, what do I do?

Once you have your Assignment Order or other reasons for moving arise, as part of your Licence to Occupy, you must book a pre-move out appointment with Amey.

At your pre-move out appointment, your accommodation officer will conduct an assessment of your property and advise you of any steps that need to be taken to bring your property up to move-out standard. You’ll also have the chance to book onto the Amey ‘Walkaway Scheme’.

Carry out any steps your accommodation officer has advised will need to be taken to bring your property up to move-out standard, to avoid being charged when you move out.

Its then up to you to arrange your final move-out appointment, where you will officially hand the keys to the property back to Amey. More information

What is the Forces Help to buy Scheme?

FHTB allows soldiers to borrow up to 50% of their salary (capped at £25,000) to buy their first home, extend their current one or move to another property on assignment or as their needs change. The loan can be used towards a deposit and other costs such as solicitor and estate agents’ fees and can be repaid over a period of up to 10 years. More information


I’m living overseas with my RAF spouse and have fallen pregnant. I’ve been told I won’t be able to claim Maternity Allowance, is this correct?

If you are accompanying your spouse/civil partner overseas and fall pregnant, you may be entitled to an Ex-Gratia Payment in lieu of Maternity Allowance if you are prevented from claiming the normal Maternity Allowance. The MOD Ex-Gratia Payment in lieu of Maternity Allowance policy applies to eligible spouse/civil partners who accompany their Service spouses overseas to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and where there is no reciprocal benefit agreement.

We’re going back to the UK for a few weeks from our posting overseas – can we still use UK health services?

Whilst in the UK you may need to seek medical attention, or might want to make sure that you stay up to date with vaccinations or medical screening not offered at your assignment location. GMSC can clarify the processes to be followed to access healthcare facilities back in the UK, both for outpatient and inpatient treatment. This may include access to a Defence Primary Healthcare (DPHC) Family Practice at a location of your convenience. In an emergency you can continue to access NHS hospitals, but ideally should inform the GMSC afterwards to ensure that you have access to follow-up care.


I’m trying to get a copy of my deceased father’s RAF service records, where do I go?

You can apply for a copy of someone else’s service records if any of the following apply:

  • you’re their immediate next of kin, for example their spouse or parent
  • you’ve got consent from their immediate next of kin
  • you have a general research interest – you’ll only have access to limited information, unless they died more than 25 years ago

You need to know the person’s full name, date of birth and service number. Then you’ll need to fill in 2 forms – a request form and a search form. Visit the GOV website for the 2 forms and how to apply.