Meet the Team

The RAF Families Federation was founded in Nov 07 with a team of five. The Federation now has seven staff based at the head office at Wittering and three Armed Forces Covenant Managers who are regionally based.


Bill Mahon - Director

Colin Jones - Evidence Manager

Caroline Woodward - Communications Manager

Ruth McClelland - Office Manager

Nick Crouch - Communications Assistant

Stan Brathwaite - Evidence Assistant Housing

Todd Fellows - Evidence Assistant

Jo Wilkinson - Regional Armed Forces Covenant Manager (South)

Graeme Spark - Regional Armed Forces Covenant Manager (North)

Lisa Thipthorp - Regional Armed Forces Covenant Manager (East Midlands)

Louise Briggs - Transition Liaison Manager

Volunteers: Based in Lincolnshire, Wiltshire, and oversease at Naples (Italy).

If you'd like to become a volunteer, please contact us initially and we'd be happy to discuss options with you.

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