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There are no vacancies at the RAF Families Federation at present.


RAF vacancies

If you are looking to join the RAF, either as a regular or reserve, pop along to your local RAF recruitment Centre to discuss options, or go online to the RAF Recruitment website.

The RAF also has a section on YouTube which includes all sorts of video clips; some providing a fly-on-the-wall view showing what to expect, during your initial training at a non-commissioned level (a little old now but the content of the course remains) or Initial Officer Training (IOT). Great if you're thinking of joining the RAF and fully preparing for the course; or for parents wanting to understand the transitional process.

The RAF's main website has full-time regulars as well as full-time reserve service vacancies.


Recruit for Spouses offers latest job news and upcoming events, as well as various blogs and the opportunity to upload your CV and also keep track on some of the latest jobs available. There's also an online newsletter you can sign up to.

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