Female Veterans' Transformation Programme

Thursday 25th April 2024

The Female Veterans’ Transformation Programme has launched its consultation and co-production phase and want to tell you what it is all about.

Female Veterans’ Transformation Programme

Over the last few years lots of work and academic research has been conducted on the challenges female veterans face as a result of their time in the Armed Forces. The research is now to form the basis of actions to make improvements so that women get the right support at the right time and in a way that matters to them.

Female Veterans' Transformation Programme statistics

The new website is a one stop shop for finding out about the Female Veteran’s Programme and how you can get involved. On the website the key themes of the research are available in an Evidence Review and Statement of Need.


The next phase is the coproduction of a toolkit to support service improvement for female veterans across the sector:

  • What are the solutions?
  • How do we improve things?
  • What is currently working well?
  • What needs to change and how does it need to change?

The improvements are required across all services, not just veteran specific organisations – such as GP’s, social services, hospital staff, leisure services, employers. The intention is to highlight good practice and celebrate what is currently working well.

Share your experience, views and opinions

“We know that you have probably been asked for your opinions and views A LOT and may feel like there is ‘no point’ or ‘no-one ever listens’, so we are committed to letting you know what we did with your feedback. We will produce a ‘you said…..we did’ response to the co-production which will eventually be available on our website for you to see and to check we listened.”

Take part in the co-production

Female Veterans' Transformation Programme timeline

Questionnaire – female veterans are invited to take part in the online questionnaire>

Focus Groups – once the key themes have been extracted from the questionnaire data, a series of focus groups will be held from June onwards, both online and face to face, across the UK. The focus groups will help identify the main sections and criteria of the toolkit – setting out the self-assessment section which identifies ‘what you need to do to provide good services for female veterans’.

Register your interest here >

Information from reports and focus groups already conducted by other organisations will be incorporated. If you have a recent focus group report about the experiences of female veterans then send it to the FTVP.

Those running focus groups or having informal gatherings of female veterans over the next few months can include questions on behalf of the FVTP (pdf).

The FTVP are working collaboratively with other networks and organisations including the Female Veterans Alliance; WRAC Association; Salute Her; The V Word; Association of WRNS; WAAF/WRAF/RAF(W) Assn; RAF Association; NHS Op Courage; the Defence Garden Scheme and many more.

If you would like to collaborate with the FTVP get in touch.

Testing the tookit – beyond the focus groups, the third phase of the overall transformation programme is testing and changing the toolkit based on feedback from women veterans and those that support them, with the final version being available in the last stage of the project.

Your opinion matters so any information you can provide will go a long way to helping other female veterans in the future.

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