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The Annington Trust – Funding for RAF Community Projects

Does your community need some funds for a small welfare-related project? Have you heard of the Annington Trust? They may be able to support your project.




In 1996, in what was then considered a controversial sale by the MoD, a new company called Annington bought all Services' housing in England and Wales. Annington immediately leased back the bulk of the houses to the Services and has played no part in the management of the estate since then. At the same time, however, the purchasers set up the Annington Trust which has become a significant point of contact with those living 'on the Patch' in the UK.

Money to Spend!

The Trust has an annual income of around £15,000 with which to support families and their activities around the Services' communities. Deciding which applications are to be successful lies in the hands of six Trustees, three of whom - the 'Annington' Trustees - are directors of the company, each with extensive experience of Service life. They are greatly helped by the advice of the Chairmen of the three Services' Families Federations who bring first hand knowledge of the needs and requirements of 'their' families around the country.

Who Has Benefitted?

The Annington Trust is now ten years old and has altogether made grants of over £140,000 to good causes in the Services' communities. Where the Royal Air Force is concerned, we have supported events and projects at Scampton, Odiham, High Wycombe, Brize Norton, Boulmer, Benson, Henlow, St Athan, Cosford and Kinloss amongst many others. Grants have averaged about £500 but have included some much larger amounts, including help with the purchase of a minibus for a youth club at Leuchars.

In many cases, money from the Annington Trust has made possible things that would not otherwise have happened. The Trustees want to continue this work in the future, but do need good applications to allow them to help with really worthwhile schemes. They would especially welcome requests for grants where deployment and operational tours mean that families are separated.

How Do We Apply?

Much more information can be found on the Trust's website. It describes the sort of applications that tend to be successful and there is a simple application form that will help projects to be among those chosen by the Trustees at their half-yearly meetings. Applications for funds can be made via the Trust Administrator, Haidee Trowsdale, who is always contactable for advice, either online,, or by telephone, 020 79607504.

So What Are You Waiting For?? Apply Today!!

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