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Wednesday 10th July 2019

Together with the Naval and Army Families Federations, we are responding to a call for evidence from the Department for Education (DFE). They are seeking evidence from interested parties on how the financial support for children/young people with Special Educational Needs works, and how it might be improved. Please note – it is not about how much funding is available, but how it is used.

We would like to include your voice in this, so if you are currently or recently serving and have children or young people in your family with special needs or disabilities, it would be great if you could take a few minutes to give us some evidence from the last two years, that we can use to illustrate our response.

Click here for the short survey

Please respond by 2200 on Monday 15 July to allow us enough time to submit a response by the deadline.

You can also make your own response direct to DFE if you wish.

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