Funding opportunities

There are a few charitable funding streams open for Station and cross-community projects.

The Annington Trust

The Annington Trust accepts bids that support projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the Service community, particularly centred on the SFA estate and its supporting community facilities.

The Trust focuses its funding on small projects where a little bit of money can make a huge amount of difference.  Bids are usually submitted up to the £1000 mark but, where the need is demonstrated, the Trust will consider bids for larger sums.  The Trust will consider bids at any time.  Bids are considered by six Trustees, three of whom – the ‘Annington’ Trustees – are directors of the company, each with extensive experience of Service life.

They are supported by the Chairmen of the three Services’ Families Federations who bring first hand knowledge of the needs and requirements of Service families.

The application form, available via Annington Trust’s website, is relatively straightforward and the Trust Administrator is always contactable for advice, either online at [email protected] or by telephoning 020 7960 7500.  Applications should be copied to [email protected] and Maria Lyle, Director of the RAF FF [email protected] who will ensure she is well briefed on the particular local needs and circumstances prior to the bids being considered; she is happy to advise any staff considering making a bid and can be contacted on 01780 781650.

Annington Trust logo

Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust awards grants through specific funding programmes, each with its own aim(s), often based on community consultation and you can sign up to their newsletter as well to keep abreast of the Trust’s programmes. 

RAF Association

The real help that the RAF Association give to real people – is the core of the welfare work that the RAF Association so successfully delivers is making a real difference to the lives of those in the RAF family who find themselves in times of need.

Find out about the range of welfare advice and support that the RAF Association can provide.

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RAF Benevolent Fund

The RAF Benevolent Fund provides grants to other charities and organisations that also provide tangible assistance to members of the RAF Family, working together for the benefit of those in need.

It also provides funding for RAF stations, including grants to improve morale and wellbeing. Find out about the Station Grants Programme.

RAF Central Fund

Provide support through enrichment and sports grant funding for stations, directly to individuals and through the RAF Sports Associations. The Central Fund is currently able to support serving personnel, their immediate family and support network which includes reservists.

RAF Charitable Trust

RAF groups and associations, and non-profit educational/youth organisations focussing on STEM or aviation-related projects are warmly welcomed to apply for grants which meet the Trust’s mandate.

From flying scholarships to remote control aircraft kits, RAF crew room enhancements and sports kit, the Trust is here to offer support and encouragement to people of all ages working in the interests of the RAF family.

SSVC Welfare Fund

The SSVC Welfare fund will finance welfare and recreational amenities and projects which directly or indirectly contribute to operational effectiveness (OE).  Priority for the provision of funds will be accorded to those serving on, preparing for, or recovering from operations and those living in isolated or arduous conditions; funds will also be made available to support other requirements, including support to dependants in the home base, which contribute to OE by enhancing morale and developing personal attributes. This can include the sponsorship of sport and adventure training.  However, each case for sport or adventure training will be considered on individual merit.  For more information contact the Secretary of the SSVC Welfare Fund, Louise Journet at [email protected] or telephone 0203 750 4198.

The Nuffield Trust 

The NT finances recreational and welfare amenities/facilities that are likely to be of lasting benefit to the Armed Forces, but which are not provided by Public funds and which are beyond the resources of Service funds.  The Trust looks favourably on applications that seek to benefit Service Personnel, (Regular and Reserves).

Applications for funding up to £15,000 may be submitted at any time as these are staffed at HQ Air Command. Applications for funding of between £15,000 and £50,000 (Major Bid) will be considered by Trustees, out of Committee or at their Annual Trustees Meeting in March. Bids of over £50,000 (Capital Bid) will be considered only at their Annual Trustees Meeting.  Moreover, Capital Bids will need early submission through WO Community Support to the NT General Secretary by the preceding November. An application form can be found on the RAF Community Support SharePoint Site.