Annington Trust

Funding for RAF Community Projects

Does your community need some funds for a small welfare-related project? Have you heard of the Annington Trust? They may be able to support your project.

The Annington Trust was set up in 1996 when the Married Quarters Estate was purchased by Annington.  It was one of a number of measures taken by the company to demonstrate its commitment to families living in Services’ communities.


The Annington Trust has made grants to a wide variety of projects for the benefit of families living in Services’ communities. These have included support for contact houses, crèches, pre-schools, youth clubs, community centres, libraries and music groups. Donations range in size depending on the nature of the request – further information on the type of projects supported can be found on the Annington Trust Community Projects page.

How to apply

The Trustees will only consider applications supported by full detail of costings and by a letter of support from the Base Commander. Even where applications have been prepared by Community Development Workers, such a letter of support from the chain of command must be provided.

The Trustees expect to see real evidence of self-help and fundraising by those who benefit by a project. They are unlikely to support applications where public funding is available, although they may consider joint funding where public funds are restricted. Above all, the Trustees are anxious to help projects and activities that make life better for those living in Services’ communities. The quality and detail of your application will help them to help you. Please provide as much information on your application form as possible and remember to use the Check List provided, before submitting.

N.B. The Annington Trust is governed by the rules of The Charities Commission.