Monday 21st September 2020

The RAF Families Federation are delighted to announce they have published a guide to funding and support for schools (and other educational settings) supporting Service children.

Louise Briggs, policy advisor for education and childcare, comments:

“We would really like to see more schools with RAF children benefit from the support and funding that is available, including those with smaller numbers of children. We hope this booklet will provide some broad brush guidance and signposting to further information and help, for those that need it.

“We are especially grateful to our stakeholders who have taken the time to share their top hints and tips, and for agreeing to be contacted for further help or advice.”

View the Guide to Funding and Support for RAF Children in Schools.

Cover image of 'A brief guide to funding and support for RAF children in schools'

More information on Education for Service families

If you require further information please see our education webpages. Alternatively, you can contact Louise directly on [email protected]

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